Finishing School

First Finishing School, in Belagavi..!!

What is a Finishing School ?

A finishing school is primarily a place where students entering into the job market for the first time take various inputs on the imperative skills demanded by jobs today. Traditionally, finishing schools have varied meanings and different objectives in being formed in different western countries. Today, we find these schools spread across the country providing a gamut of services to the youth who wish to enter the job arena.

Importance of a Finishing School

In recent times, the finishing schools have gained a lot of momentum and importance by imparting professional inputs to the youth. The vitality of these schools can be identified in the services they offer, viz. business etiquette demanded by the corporate world and its role in the growth of an individuals career, focusing on a particular career path and various attributes need to enter the corporate race. The schools being set may address issues of a particular industry (may be hospitality, aerospace, public relations, etc) or may provide inputs to majority of industries demanding common business etiquette.

Largely, a finishing school focuses on providing essential inputs on professional resume writing, business communication, office manners, facing interview and also overall personality grooming. Various schools offer these inputs in a form of a certification course or a short term crash course for few days or weekends.

Off late, these schools have been seen as a value addition to the students entering into the job market. And companies are willing to pick students from the finishing school to fill their human resource requirement as they feel the students coming out of the finishing school are more professional and carry an edge over others. Many traditional run courses (graduation and post graduation) stress a lot on the academic inputs and less towards the personality development aspect, which makes their students job ready, and hence these school fill the gap. By providing that professional touch to the fresher, the school prepare the students to enter the job market with a lot of confidence and also excel in their respective domain. The inputs given at a finishing school helps the students in:
– Building their self confidence to face interviews
– Performing better under pressure
– Showcasing their talent more professionally
– Behaving in a professional manner in the job
– Being more self disciplined
– Positioning themselves as better future leaders
The importance of a finishing school has been seen by many private and government organizations as a vital ingredient for job market and making the youth employable. And this can be proven by the fact that the Kerala State Government has started a finishing school for the students of the state to improve their personality and make them job ready. The Model Finishing School is a pioneering venture of the Government of Kerala, set up with the purpose of enhancing employability of qualified youths from the State of Kerala. Being a state with the highest education literacy rate in the country, they have found various gaps in the industry expectations and the qualities possessed by the graduating youth. And in order to reduce the gap and make the educated lot job ready, this venture has been formed.
It is undoubtedly the need of the hour to make the educated youth to be picked by the industry happily and make them more job ready then rather just academically ready. And for this, the finishing schools play a vital role and give that additional edge to the youth entering the job market.