Our Inspiration

Sri. Guruprem D. David was born on 20th June 1942 into a devout Christian family of priests and teachers which helped him in his initiation into faith charity and education. Braving extreme odds of poverty in early childhood, David Sir completed his M.A. B.Ed, in Dharwad, aspiring to be a teacher.
Having started his career with Beynon Smith School, Belagavi, within a year he was offered the position to head the historical heritage, St. Mary’s School, Belagavi. In his 4 decade long tenure as the Principal of St. Mary’s School, David Sir, as addressed affectionately by the students and peers he left a lasting impression on the school and the educational ambiance of Belagavi. The Huge army of alumni spread across the world and their continued reverence to his legacy is a testimonial to his inspirational stature.

The Foundation is a tribute in monument to the memory of David Sir.


‘Culture is the transformation of nature internal to man and Civilization is the transformation of nature external to man’ and Education is the means of this realization.

As we stand in the threshold of a new era in human evolution and development, education offers the panacea for the development of a collective consciousness and a Nation seeking to establish its righteous place in the world. G. D. David Foundation established & inspired by the life and ideals of an Extraordinary teacher – academician and human being, is an attempt to form learning based on integrity, intellect, imagination and inspiration. As the nation prides on its demographic dividend, the new generation seeks clarity in the values of learning and living, hence, it is imperative to bridge the culture lag and seek harmony between technology and tradition, the material and the Moral, the Culture and the Civilization.


G. D. David Foundation is a charitable association founded by eminent academicians, teachers, professionals, industrialists and social activists deeply interested and involved in youth empowerment through academic, professional, cultural and managerial training. GDDF is an attempt at organising the multiple dimensions of learning by means of an organisation.

The G.D.David foundation was founded on 21st june 2014 with an objective of bringing the best of education of belgaum. the source of inspiration MGD David ex principal of ST Mary’s High school belgaum who was a selfless man who worked for the betterment of the student community in belgaum. he was awarded the Best Teacher Award by the government of Karnataka in the recognition for his service in the field of education. he was a man of honour, charity, love, hospitality,…….. his legacy continues with the G.D. David Foundation