The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of Education.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The root cause of every problem in the society today is the lack of education, from poverty to crime rate everything can be controlled with systemized education, provided honestly to everyone. What the youth today need is not spoon feeding but the right guidance, they are fierce and exuberant but they need control and composure. They are extremely talented and graciously gifted individuals, but they need the temperament and right attitude. Education is not a part of life anymore, it is life in itself. Be it formal or experiential, nobody can deny the importance of education and learning.


In todays’ world we don’t need just ‘Intellectuals’ but we need “Compassionate Intellectuals” for whom the greater good of humanity is of importance. Worldly treasure might lose its value but education shall forever remain the most prized possession. And also the knowing of how to make use of one’s education and learning is of utmost importance. The best way to enhance its value is by sharing it, by letting more people learn from what you have. By opening the window of learning we allow ourselves also to be at the helm and keep improving after all the biggest room – is the room for improvement. Keep surging ahead, look for equanimity through learning. Enlighten yourself to become an intellectual par excellence and an individual with compassion.

Prasad Desai

Principal Trinity College

“Education will meet its goal, not just when it teaches you how to be successful but when it teaches you how handle failure”

Prasad Desai